About us

  About WordSense …


Wordsense is a tutoring company that
 through PLAY using methods to develop higher order thinking. 
Our mission is to provide activities and games that are not only FUN and ENTERTAINING but EDUCATIONAL too.  
We have carefully selected products
to encourage enjoyable SPECIAL MOMENTS and MEMORIES among FAMILY and FRIENDS.
Be they indoor or out
They need to giggle, laugh and say
“ Awwww…do we have to stop now?“
We really want to play. 😊


We have sourced fun, interesting and beautiful hand crafted and manufactured games and activities that will keep children entertained for hours. By exercising their imagination, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, life skills and other skills that I cannot think of now plus their brain cells, they can only benefit from these products. We have seen how these games and activities help children to understand various concepts and learn seamlessly.


 About us …

I have always loved to teach. I am a teacher with 22 years’ experience in the trenches. After that season, I truly desired to have more time (no more mountains of marking, super strenuous sports coaching, boring break time duties, stultifying staff meetings, prissy parents, arduous assessments, assessments and more assessments…..). With hindsight, I realise that I simply wanted to teach. My way.

      Now I am able to teach 
As and when I want
     Using games and play 
And important stuff 
            The children learn that way.
Charles, my amazing, long-suffering and ever-loving husband, has supported my hare-brained schemes and dizzying endeavours with a stoic attitude like an amazing, long-suffering ever-loving husband. He has kept me on the straight and narrow, especially when my ideas are all out of kilter. He has been by my side through thick and thin, tantrums, tears and triumphs and he always support WordSense with utmost care. Using his amazing Information Technology, business and organisational skills, he helps to build this business. He also tutors! He is an amazing and patient tutor who nurtures those who need help with utmost attention to detail and care.

We have a lovely daughter, Tamsin, who assists us. She has been called a ‘Sonskyn Kind’ by some, though there have been the inevitable thunderstorms…. She brings social media knowledge and insight to this venture.

This is an exciting family endeavour where we wish to build a legacy that we can pass on to many children.     

My life’s motto is: “Perseverance, Patience and Diligence” as I believe that it is important to strive for excellence.  

Do more than your best - WordSense embodies that belief. 

Love to you all….

Sharon, Charles and Tamsin and Tom and Poppet and Twinkles and Jack the Russell